Our Story


The company, first known as Kevin Carpets, changed ownership in 2015 when Basico International Oy, a well-established and family-owned Finnish furniture importer, bought the business. Through this process, the collection was updated and relaunched under the name of Roots Living. With the help of Finnish designers and industry professionals, the Roots collection was designed to meet the evolving needs of our Scandinavian customers . The handmade Roots Rugs Collection offers a set of standard size carpets that combine simple and sleek Nordic designs with natural materials in selected colors. For a more specific need, our Tailored Uplan collection offers an option to  choose from any color and any size to fit any space.

The core value of Roots Living is to make sure that the products are produced under ethical conditions. For this reason, the manufacturing of products is under constant surveillance. No child labour is used in weaving our carpets and the workers have fair wages and working hours. A percentage of our profits also goes to support a local school in Mirzapur that aims to give a better chance to girls and boys to make it in life. Our bedspreads are also part of a project empowering single mothers. Each Roots Living Bedspread is handstitched by one of these women giving them an income in a culture where single mothers have a hard time getting work.

Social responsibility

By teaming up together with our supplier and customers and uniting our efforts, we want to contribute to improving the wellbeing of the people in India. Our help is surely in a micro-level, but despite its smallness in scale it’s a step in the right direction. In addition, by doing everything on grass-root level, we minimize administrative costs and maximize transparency.


+ Child rights

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Every Roots rug is tagged with a Child Welfare sticker that guarantees that no child labor is used at any stage of production. Active monitoring and unannounced control visits to the production sites are conducted to verify this.

Also, a percentage of the sales are used to support local schools and provide meals and health care to the children living in the carpet weaving villages.

Our Indian producer is also a member of Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC), a government foundation working towards improving children’s living conditions. The long-term goal of the foundation is to completely eliminate child labor in the carpet industry. Members of the foundation donate a certain percentage of their carpet exports to a Child Welfare Fund operated by NGO’s. This fund is involved in various welfare activities including provision of free education including a mid-day meal, vocational training for children, an assured scholarship to encourage children to attend school and also medical care for weaver families. Read more on CEPC

+ Economic empowerement

In the small town of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, India, we take part in a social project that is geared towards single mothers. Our silk and linen Bedspread are handstitched bythese women providing them with a steady income in a working market syrjivä of single mothers. Also, some years ago we bought second-hand sewing machines, which were distributed among single mothers in Mirzapur and surroundings. Today, these women are able to earn a living with the help of these simple machines.

+ Educational empowerement

Together with our supplier, we also support the educational sector. We have, for instance, contributed to the construction of a school for girls and women.

+ Healthcare

During the cold winter months, when the risk of infection is low, we have also given financial support for individuals in need of a cataract operation. And in order to keep the cold at bay, any leftover yarn is used to make blankets, which are then distributed among the poor.